The Shipyard, Part 2

One reason that Delly walked, and walked, and walked this route is because there was something  about the breeze that came in over the creek.  It skated over the water and crested the bank to the road, and if you were walking on the river side, it would surround you.  Delly felt as if it would take off every bit of the day; it would clean her of everything that settled on and in her.  Delly thought this might be the feeling swimmers got as they shot through the water of a crystal clear pool, but not being a swimmer, she wasn’t going to test the theory.  The road was bumpy and the shoulder narrow, but this was also part of the appeal.  If she had to concentrate on avoiding the cracks and holes and oncoming traffic, Delly didn’t have to think about everything else that was going on in her head.  Not that she could if she wanted to.  There was so much crowding her thoughts, there was no way she could pick through it all.  She tried occasionally, but never got far.  It was much easier to walk and avoid the violent collisions of her thoughts.


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