Lunch, Take 2

DPChallengeWeekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts

Sub-zero weather in a poor school district equals two hour delays.  It sounds silly to say that in the Northeast we can’t go to school on time because of the cold, but the reality of our district is that many of our students don’t have warm enough clothes to be standing outside at 6:00am waiting for the bus to come.  When the bus finally comes, it won’t be much warmer inside than the frigid temperatures outside.  Lots of our kids have an hour+ bus ride, so by the time they’ve walked to their bus stop, waited for the bus and braved the ride, we have a building full of frostbitten adolescents.  Yikes. So, we give it another 2 hours in the hopes that the temperature will raise a few degrees and everyone can be a bit more comfortable.

What this means for us is our periods are shortened from 45 minutes to 26 minutes, and every teacher and student in the building is running around like a crazy person trying to get their daily work done.  It also means that I have a nice, quiet lunch.  No kids, no ad-hoc sex ed. (If this sounds bizarre to you, check out my previous entry “Lunch…or not.”

Today I got to eat alone in the faculty room.  It was a beautiful thing.  The faculty room is usually a place that I avoid, no matter what.  It is a place full of the worst evil imaginable…tired, hungry, disgruntled teachers.  Today though, the Universe gave me a beautiful gift.  The gift of a peaceful lunch.  I don’t even have much to say about it.  I meant to do something productive, but instead, I heated up week-old sloppy joes and feasted as if it was my last meal.  I didn’t think about a thing.  I stared aimlessly at the blank whiteboard in front of me, and let my mind drift here and there for a full 26 minutes.  It was wonderful.

I wonder what the forecast is for tomorrow morning…


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