Lunchtime thoughts

Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts

I was able to have another quiet lunch today.  This week’s crazy school schedule is allowing some serious quiet time during my “free” periods (they’re never really free) and lunch. As part of the change to 2014, I committed to taking better care of my health – physical, emotional, and mental. Part of this means that when I have a quiet moment, I take the quiet moment.  My lunch period today was a quiet moment.  

I tried to let my mind wander a bit while I enjoyed my slightly-less-than-a-week-old jambalaya, but lately I find it becoming more and more difficult to let my thoughts flow freely.  I’m so busy concentrating on being all of my identities – teacher, wife, foster mother, pet-owner, board member, club advisor, etc, etc, etc – that I don’t know what moment I’m living in when a moment comes along.  Even now, as I sit down to write some thoughts about my lunch, I find myself bogged down by questions of perspective.  “Is this me in serious teacher mode? Or trying-to-be-funny mode? Maybe I should write from the perspective of a wife right now, or how about an acupuncture patient?”  Is there ever a time when we don’t wear a “hat”?

I would love some outside perspective about this.  How can we drop our various identities and be truly genuine – truly in a moment – without questioning who we are?

Thoughts?  Thanks. 


5 thoughts on “Lunchtime thoughts

  1. I often feel this same way in my life – there are so many different sides of me that sometimes I’m not completely sure which is the real “me,” as cheesy as that sounds. When I blog, I really try to get my real voice out, but sometimes that’s hard to do. I’ve found that for writing, it helps to listen to my absolute favorite music (you know, the songs that really, really touch some deep part of you) and/or read the words of other bloggers who I admire for their very real writing voice before I actually write. And this actually seems to help me be real in other areas of my life, outside of blogging, since it seems to ground me and focus my character. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post and your thoughts on having so many identities! 🙂

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