Dogs Without Leashes

Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts

Yesterday I failed to make time to post.  My work day was crazy (in a good way), and I rushed home to get to an acupuncture appointment, during which I accidentally shifted my left leg and thought I would be paralyzed for life.  Who knew an out-of-place acupuncture needle could be so intense?!  Anyway, I ate lunch yesterday with 4 of my favorite teachers.  I find it really easy to silo myself at school.  When I make the time to eat with colleagues, I remember that I am not the only one trying to navigate the world of education. We laugh at silly things our students say, catch up on the latest district gossip, and satisfy our craving to let the f-bomb fly. Overall, a very sweet Friday lunch.

Today’s lunch takes the cake though.  My wife and I took Atticus, our dog, to the Kingston Point Dog Park.  This is one of my favorite weekend outings, and today it was just perfect.  I woke up feeling some serious anxiety, but after an hour of watching Atticus run around with his friend Oliver, I felt like a different person.  I was reminded of a Mary Oliver poem that I love so much, titled If You Are Holding This Book:

You may not agree, you may not care, but
if you are holding this book you should know
that of all the sights I love in this world—
and there are plenty—very near the top of
the list is this one: dogs without leashes.

from Mary Oliver’s collection, Dog Songs

Here is Atticus, reminding me that sometimes we just need to take a breath and enjoy being off the leash.Image 




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