I lost my virginity in ugly underwear.

For this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge, I decided to start with some non-fiction. Monday is a little to early in the week for me to think critically about what others are feeling. I’ll get there by Wednesday. Instead, I’m going to hop in the phone booth with Rufus and travel back to 2000 and re-think my first life-altering event…losing my virginity.

Here we go. (This may have to be a 2-parter…not sure a Monday night is good for this one, either…)

The year is 2000, and I am 16 years old. After we all made it through Y2K just fine, my best friend Alyssa and I decided that we had to make this year a big one. An important one. An unforgettable one. We made a pact that no matter what, we would lose our virginities before the year was out. Come hell or high water, we would not be cursed with wretched hymens anymore.

Fast forward to December 26, 2000. No sex.


Way behind schedule, Alyssa and I accepted that we would enter 2001 just as we had 2000…eating Oreos and watching horror movies. Definitely not having sex.

And just as I anticipated, I’m too tired to finish this tonight, so the grand climax will have to come tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

All puns intended.


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