Panties? Who gives a fuck?

For this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge I decided to tackle the story of losing my virginity.  You got my perspective in my 2 previous posts, and tonight I’m writing from the perspective of the virginity-taker, Brandon.  This has been a more difficult exercise than I anticipated…there’s much more I can say, but I will leave it at that and get on with the story.

“This has been a good night so far,” Brandon thought as he walked off the court.   And it had been – he got a lot of playing time, and played really well.  Walking off the court, feeling the high of the win, he saw Ben and Bethany standing court-side, his ever-faithful friends who were also his ride home.  He gave Ben a quick one-armed man hug, and gave Bethany a kiss, full smack on the lips.  They had it like that – they’d known each other since first grade.  Time to get out of this smelly-ass school and get high.

In Ben’s car, the first mission was to roll up.  It was a long ride home, so they would need something to keep them busy.  Ben always had cigarettes, and Brandon always had weed.  It was a good friendship.  It was fun to have Bethany along too – her parents were fucking annoying and never let her do anything.  This was good for her.  Brandon lit up and made sure he and Ben were on their way to feeling really good.

Bethany was in the backseat.  She was smoking cigarettes, but Ben and Brandon knew better than to offer her weed.  No way she would ever do it.  That was the thing with Bethany.  She was so inexperienced.  And he knew she wanted it, wanted him.  He had known it forever, but just couldn’t act on it.  She was a good friend, a long-time friend.  But there were so many hot girls that wanted him, and who knew what they were doing, that Brandon always shot-down Bethany’s feelings before she even made them known.  That didn’t mean he didn’t flirt with her.  He kissed her after games, and smacked her ass in the hallway.  If they had a class together, he would sit by her and pass her dirty notes.  He was just having fun, though.  It was never serious.

After a while, Brandon and Ben were super fucked up.  Ben was driving around the windy backroads of their small, mountainous county, and Brandon was enjoying the moment.  The three of them were having silly conversations, but at one point, Brandon said something that must have pissed Bethany off.  “Fuck you,” she said to him from the backseat.

“You would never fuck me, B,”  laughed Brandon.  But she objected.  She was a little more assertive than usual.  He liked seeing this side of her – it was good for her to get out of her parents’ iron rule.  Ben joined the verbal sparring and said, “Ok Bethany, if you would really fuck Brandon, prove it.  Right now.”

And she did.

Ben pulled the car over, and Brandon climbed in the back seat.  If she was down to have sex, why not?  He knew she was a virgin, so he knew she was clean.  And if he had the chance the take her v-card, good for him.  Ben pulled back on to the road and started driving around.  He turned Nelly’s Country Grammar up loudly enough so that he didn’t have to hear what was going on in the back seat.  His only job was to drive around long enough for them to finish, and for B to get her pants back on. After all, this wasn’t his first drive-around with Brandon and a girl in the car.

Brandon got on top of Bethany as gracefully as he could; it wasn’t easy in a 2-door Cavalier.  He started kissing her – he knew this was what she wanted him to do.  After a minute or two she said, “I’m scared.  I’ve never done this before.”  Brandon had a moment of hesitation.  Was this ok?  Should he be doing this?  But already hard, he knew he was going to continue.  He whispered words of assurance.  “It’s going to be just fine.  Move with me, don’t just lay there.  You’re going to be good at this.”  That wasn’t a lie – he did think she would be good.  And she was…for her first time in the backseat of a 2-door car.  Brandon was so high that it took awhile – he didn’t know how long, but at some point Ben told them to hurry  up, they were almost back at B’s house.  Brandon finished quickly and Bethany pulled up her jeans just as they pulled into her parents’ driveway.  “Um, thanks,” she said.  She looked at Brandon with a lingering glance, and he knew what she wanted.  He kissed her and told her to have a good night.  Bethany went in her house, and Ben pulled out of the driveway.  “Dude, how was it?” Ben asked Brandon as they started to smoke another blunt.

“Good I guess,” replied Brandon.  He was much more interested in getting high again.

“What kind of panties does B wear?  I can’t tell with her.”

Brandon looked up, distracted. “Panties?  I didn’t even look.  Who gives a fuck?  Here, take a hit of this.”